We possess beauty when we are true to our own being – Plotinus

After earning degrees from Union Institute and University, the University of Pittsburgh, and Pacifica Graduate Institute, I turned my attention to teaching, writing, and counseling. Currently, I am working on a PhD in Jungian and Archetypal Studies with the research focus areas of the poetic basis of mind and the religious function of the psyche.

You can read more about this here or in my blog, Ouroborus Dreams

One of the great joys of my career is writing books for children. If you are interested in current books or stories in the works, and opportunities for children to engage with reading and writing, you can find more information here

As a counselor, I work with people looking to develop their personality and/or creativity using depth psychological techniques. These include dream interpretation, personality typology, active imagination, etc. I work with actors, writers, artists, and anyone interested in mining the unconscious for the gems that give life meaning. Please reach out for more information or learn to where I will be speaking next.