Ouroborus Dreams

Dreaming and the Body: Encapsulated archetypal energy expression

Image operates in the body, both during wakefulness and in dreaming, as spontaneity, a kind of stream of consciousness which Schul (2015) points out is, in writing, the bodily experienced images of sensations, ideas, memories, feelings, etc. (p. 3). I think the way Halprin (2003) discusses improvisation, spontaneity, is similar (p. 119-120). When awake, the […]

Sacred Practice: Marriage as vessel for individuation

This week I find myself reflecting on my own marriage. In her book, Shelby (2018) says, “Human love is sacred practice” (p. 189). It is sacred to love the humanness of another and yourself. The flaws, quirks, and foibles of my wife are some of the things I love the most about her. Together, we […]

Haiku and ecological individuation

I came of age in the era of Earth Day. I remember the first year it was acknowledged in my school, in the 80’s, when we were each given a tiny tree to take home and plant. It was a little ritual that stayed with me as an image of what and how I can […]

Empathy as a psychological way of being in the world

Empathy is key to the way forward, with ourselves in our own psychological development, with others, and with the many beings we share this world with. It’s something I find in my practice clients often need permission to give to themselves as they work on the issues they think brought them into the work and […]

Deer, lightning bugs, and snakes

Animals are a big part of my life and show up in my dreams all the time. They usually play prominent and significant roles in my dreams and active imaginations. I struggle with the perception of animals which makes them only instinctual. I find it problematic when we don’t allow them an emotional life or […]

Sifting and Witches (sometimes naming posts is the hardest part)

Jung’s assertion that our “immediate connection with nature is gone forever” is hyperbolic. Simply sinking into unconsciousness is not elimination, as the unconscious acts as an autonomous, willful, and creative force. An image of sifting flour came to mind for me in this respect. The flour in the sifter is where the focus of the […]

The analytic and the synthetic walked into a dinner party . . .

Embodying and explaining are states of being in the world. Both are part of the human experience, each privileged differently by culture, purpose, necessity, etc. The need to know in our culture, for the reasons why based on causal connections, has dominated the Western psyche for some time now. Jung (1997) recognized this “split” but […]


One of the laments of the writers theorizing about synchonicity and psychology is the difficulty of translating this cosmology, based on the quantum discoveries and resulting revaluation of the nature of the universe, into the common language and understanding. Even more so, perhaps, into the felt-sense of life. The up and out nature of much […]

Archetypes as psyche enfolding

My imagination was captured this week by the holographic order of David Bohm with its two kinds of order and the idea of holomovement. Allan Combs and Mark Holland (1996) describe the holographic order as being one of reflection, enfolding and configurations of movement saying, “we might envision the entire cosmos as . . . […]

When suffering incarnated the god of love

I will speak to a time when suffering was a part of a shared experience and through that sharing held something of the sacred for me.  In the early 90’s I was one of two caretakers for my friend who was dying of AIDS, along with his partner.  We lived together and were each other’s […]


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