Bound by Nature (Part One)


I was going to write something else, until I read the news this morning and saw the President considering firing Dr. Fauci, and the eagerness for it by his supporters. Our self-annointed King, and his followers, seek to strike at the bearer of our most educated and careful guidance in the face of a goddess-like aspect of nature of dis-ease. Erisichthon was also known by the name Aethon, which means burning or blazing. To burn so hot with your own supremacy, a kind of narcissism that suffers deeply from its equally weak ego, leaves a person, a leader, a country in its grips never satisfied with a thing well or soberly done. This sense of self first pervades our culture. Convincing us to stay home to protect others from the virus was met with many protestations that the economy comes before the old and infirm.

At the core of this complex, is the titan Prometheus, who stole from the Gods what didn’t belong to humans by right. Glen Slater (1998), when speaking of the Promethean nature says, “We forget that Promethean abandon can lead to an incarnation of gigantism, which then calls forth a corresponding binding” (p. 112). Our most current and pressing attitude of Titanism is that of man’s superiority over nature, Demeter herself and the longer we assert our rights above those of the goddess, the longer we are bound in our homes. Jung (1969/1936) says, “Western man has no need of more superiority over nature, whether outside or inside. He has both in almost devilish perfection. What he lacks is conscious recognition of his inferiority to the nature around and within him. He must learn that he may not do exactly as he wills. If he does not learn this, his own nature will destroy him” (CW11, p. 535).

Jung, C. G. (1969). Yoga and the West (R. F. C. Hull, Trans.). In H. Read et al. (Eds.), The collected works of C. G. Jung (Vol. 11, 2nd ed.). Retrieved from (Original work published 1936)

Slater, G. (1998). Re-sink the Titanic. Spring, 62, pp. 104-120.

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